Tracey Ezard: Ferocious Warmth & Balancing The Head And Heart Of Leadership | Episode 82

"The type of leader that most people want to be led by are ones that have competency and warmth" Tracey Ezard

How do successful school leaders manage to balance their passion and drive with empathy and human connection?

In this episode of the School of Wellbeing podcast, host Meg Durham sits down with Tracey Ezard, author of Ferocious Warmth, to explore this very topic. Discover the concept of ferocious warmth and how it can help leaders create a thriving environment for students, teachers, and support staff.

Listen in as Tracey shares stories of real-life leaders who embody this balance and the positive impact they have on their teams. By the end of this episode, you'll have a new appreciation for the power of ferocious warmth in school leadership and how it can lead to greater success and wellbeing for everyone involved.

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